EtherapyE-Therapy is an anonymous program we are extremely excited about as it is a process where those needing treatment for PTSD can obtain that treatment regardless of veteran status anonymously.  This program is quite extensive, and the development has been extremely labor intensive.  Visa and Mastercard have each committed to be a part of this program with the following terms, the first 2 digits of the 16-digit account number would be 22, the card can only be processed through approved vendors.  This will ensure that only counselors who are qualified to treat PTSD are approved vendors.  Since the cards are linked to 22 Club of Columbia and not to anyone’s name, there is no connection between person and service provider.  Families can donate money to that card.  Churches can buy cards to give out to those in need.  Those concerned with job advancement or being placed upon a government watch list can receive the needed help without anyone aware of their actions.