E-Therapy offers users the ability to access qualified professional therapists who treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. How this program is designed to work and is still waiting on full implementation this:

  1. Through a partnership with Visa and Mastercard providers we will offer basically a gift card, restrictive markers within the 16 digit code, so that the card can only be processed through our approved LCSWs, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Therapists, who would receive full payment for their services through the user’s card.
  2. This means we also will have to establish a list of approved providers who may treat PTSD through any number of methods, which may be outside the parameters set by the Veterans Affairs Hospital System.
  3. The cards may be purchased directly by anyone and given to anyone, there will be no name registered to the card and it can only be processed by a provider within our network.
  4. This prevents the card from being used to purchase alcohol or other items at any and all stores, we are still working on logistics to allow for the purchase of prescribed medication for the treatment of PTSD.

We are extremely excited about this program, as it is a process where those needing treatments for PTSD may obtain that treatment regardless of the user’s, status as a veteran.  This program is quite extensive and the development of this program has been extremely labor-intensive.  Visa and Mastercard are each assisting The 22 Club locate a vendor to provide either a Visa and/or Mastercard “gift” card(s) to be part of this program with the following terms, usage limitations as to who may process payments from the card and no individual assignment to the card.  Utilizing state boards to verify qualifications and credentials to ensure that only professionals that are qualified to treat PTSD are our approved vendors. 

Since the cards will be linked to The 22 Club of Columbia and not to anyone’s name, there is no paper trail between the user and the approved vendors, aside from professional notes and records maintained by the professional, which we will verify that they will ardently adhere to our anonymity policy for the client. 

Another benefit we are hoping to achieve will be family members who donate money to that card would enjoy a tax deduction, as the donation would be to The 22 Club.  Churches may also buy cards to give out to those in need.  Those concerned with job advancement or being placed upon a government watch list can receive the needed help without anyone aware of their actions.