The 22 Club of Columbia is conducting a fundraiser in order to fully register with the IRS as a 501(c)3. Our main mission is to reduce Veteran Suicide rates from 22 per day to 0.

Et Salvos Eos

I will save them

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Support Our Heroes: Prevent Veteran Suicide

Every day, brave men and women who have served our country face unseen battles. They may no longer be on the front lines, but they continue to fight a different kind of war within themselves.

The 22 Club of Columbia, is dedicated to helping our veterans win the battle against suicide. Our mission is to provide hope, support, and resources to those who have given so much to protect our freedom.

Why Support Us?

? Compassionate Assistance: We offer confidential and understanding support for veterans and their families. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to listen, guide, and connect you with the right resources.

? Mental Health Services: We provide access to mental health professionals who specialize in veteran-specific care. Our services are designed to help veterans overcome the unique challenges they face.

? Community Outreach: We believe in the power of community. Our non-profit organizes events, support groups, and outreach programs to foster camaraderie among veterans and to ensure no one is battling their demons alone.

? Raising Awareness: We actively work to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health issues and suicide. By sharing stories, educating, and collaborating with the community, we’re making a difference.

How You Can Help

  1. ? Donate: Your financial support can help us provide vital services and resources to veterans in need.
  2. ?️ Spread the Word: Follow us on social media, share our content, and help us raise awareness about veteran suicide prevention.
  3. ? Volunteer: Join our team and make a direct impact by offering your time and skills.
  4. ? Participate: Attend our events and programs, show your support, and help create a stronger, more resilient veteran community.

Let’s stand together and protect those who protected us. Our veterans deserve the support they need to find hope and healing. Join us in the fight to prevent veteran suicide.

Visit our website at 22 Club of Columbia to learn more about our mission, access resources, and find out how you can make a difference today.

Support Our Heroes – Prevent Veteran Suicide

Together, we can make a difference.


The 22 Club embraces a four-pillar approach to combating veteran suicide. This comprehensive strategy addresses the various factors contributing to this serious issue. Our pillars of A-Therapy, Buddy Program, Expanded Therapy, and Homeless to Homeowner encompass prevention, intervention, support, and research. As you can see each pillar plays a crucial role in addressing the mental health and well-being of veterans.

We believe we achieve prevention through the Expanded Therapies program. Using awareness and education to raise awareness about the challenges veterans face as well as educate both the veteran community and the general public on the signs of mental health issues and suicide risk factors. Central to prevention is destigmatization, promoting a culture where veterans feel comfortable discussing their struggles, in this way, we hope to reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health care. It is hoped that through the Expanded Therapy program, early intervention can be achieved, by identifying at-risk individuals early on so we can provide timely support, including mental health services and resources.

We believe we achieve intervention through the Homeless to Homeowner program. About one-third of the adult homeless population are veterans. By pairing a homeless veteran with a contractor to learn a skilled trade. This will provide a safe and stable environment for the veteran to access mental health services, which need to be accessible, affordable, and of the highest quality in mental health care for veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs and community partnerships. Until the 22 Club can provide a fully staffed crisis helpline, we highly encourage callers to contact the Veteran’s Crisis Helpline then press 1 or text 838255 to connect with a specialist immediately. Along with our peer support program in the Support section are team members who can provide guidance and assistance to veterans currently struggling. The far-reaching concept of Homeless to Homeowner is teaching a veteran a skill while building tiny homes, then the homeless veteran can rent a tiny home, then following a time period the veteran will be able to purchase the home moving from homeless to renter to owner.

We believe we achieve support through the Battle Buddy program. We understand the daunting task that the veteran community faces during multiple points of transition from military duty to civilian life. We focus on transitioning assistance, job placement assistance, locating housing, as well as community integration. We extend our services to that critical support unit, the families and caregivers of our veterans recognizing their well-being is often closely tied to the veteran’s mental health. Further, we strive to engage in local community activities and gain community involvement to provide social support networks, recreational activities, and multiple avenues of outreach to help veterans feel connected and valued.

We believe we achieve research through the A-Therapy program. This program is a Tier 1 innovation. Through this program, we can continuously gather data on veteran suicides and related factors to better understand trends and risk factors. Working with multiple University and College Psychology and Sociology programs we believe we can improve the understanding of mental health issues specific to veterans along with developing effective treatments. The innovative aspect of this program is that it is completely anonymous utilizing telehealth services, artificial intelligence, and digital tools to improve mental health care and support for veterans. The A-Therapy program has a card that can be given to anyone, it can have funds reloaded into it to pay for mental health care, then the name of the person seeking services is completely anonymous as the process number comes back to the 22 Club, not to an individual, this protects those seeking services from being profiled.

Implementing this four-pillar approach has required collaboration among various stakeholders, including the government, healthcare providers, mental health professionals, veterans’ organizations, and the broader community. By addressing prevention, intervention, support, and research, this approach aims to reduce veteran suicide rates and improve the overall well-being of veterans.

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