22 Club of Columbia

You are not alone!

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22 Club Patch

The 22 Club patch sewn onto a vest, so you can see color, size, shape, etc… Today, 22 Veterans will commit suicide to raise awareness and raise funds to help support efforts to reduce this staggering number we are working to sell 500 patches by Memorial Day Weekend. We are …

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Status Update

Began this process in 2014 with the concept of what was to be achieved and for what purpose. Registered with the State of Missouri on 1/6/2015. Still have not been able to register as a non-profit with the IRS due to a lack of funding. Have gained the assistance of …

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E-Therapy the Anonymous Program.

E-Therapy is an anonymous program we are extremely excited about as it is a process where those needing treatment for PTSD can obtain that treatment regardless of veteran status anonymously.  This program is quite extensive, and the development has been extremely labor intensive.  Visa and Mastercard have each committed to …

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Expanded Therapy

About 300,000 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans suffer from PTSD or major depression, and about 320,000 may have experienced at least a mild concussion or TBI in combat. RAND Corp. study released in 2008. In 2008 one in four veterans were diagnosed with PTSD, and some experts believe this could …

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Homeless 2 Homeowner

The 22 Club believes that offering legitimate job skills training and employment opportunities that are in line with the recovery and treatment plans the veterans may be receiving, that we will be able to train veterans and through that training we will be able to rehabilitate foreclosed and abandoned homes …

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Equestrian Assisted Psychotherapy

Reining in PTSD with Equestrian Therapy Army Veteran Larry Opitz spends some time with his favorite horse, Kris, at Strongwater Farm in Tewksbury, Mass. PHOTO BY BOB WHITAKER, LOWELL SUN. USED WITH PERMISSION. by Tom Cramer, VA Staff Writer Thursday, September 18, 2014 A horse is a horse, of course, …